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The roof is the single most important component of your Connecticut home or commercial building. Once you have a problem with the roof, the entire structure can become compromised. Leaks, worn shingles and faulty installation can lead to a number of issues that can result in costly repairs. More important, if you have not taken the steps to shore up your roof it is unlikely your insurance company will cover the claim since it will be determined you could have prevented it. Don't let your roof deteriorate. Contact the expert roofers at Peerless Contracting today.

Do you need a New Roof?

Sometimes a roof just needs a few repairs but other times the entire roof needs to be replaced. So, how do you know if you need a new roof? You don't need to be a general contractor to recognize some telltale signs that your roof needs replacing:

- Constant drips coming through the ceiling
- Cracked and missing shingles
- Degraded flashing near chimneys
- Excessive granule loss in gutters and downspouts
- Build up of mold around chimneys, vents and skylights

If any of these conditions are present on the roof of your home or commercial building, contact Peerless Contracting today. We are GAF certified roof installers and work with wood, metal, cedar and asphalt roofs. Our expert team of roofers is trained to inspect, repair and replace roofs quickly and efficiently so you get the solid cover you need to keep your home or office safe.

Types of Roofs

We understand homeowners have their own preference when it comes to roofs and that is why we are sure to be trained on many different types of roofs. Some of the roofs we handle include:

- Wood
- Metal
- Cedar
- Asphalt
- EPDM flat roofs
- EPDM rubber roofs

Contact Peerless Contracting today to learn more about our roofing services in Connecticut.

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