Emergency Snow & Ice Removal

Heavy snow and ice can cause many problems for homes and commercial buildings. In Connecticut, where winters can get bad, it is imperative that homeowners and business owners keep their roofs, gutters and driveways clean of ice and snow to make conditions safe and to avoid any costly lawsuits. At Peerless Contracting we have a fully trained team of snow and ice removal specialists who can work in a hurry to remove heavy amounts of snow and blocks of ice from your home and property.

What are Ice Dams?

An ice dam is the build-up of ice on the roof of a building which may cause water damage to the building and its contents if water leaks through the roof and ceiling. Ice dams form on a roof when snow on a sloping roof melts and flows down the roof, under the blanket of snow, until it reaches below freezing temperatures. The frozen air causes the melting snow to freeze and form ice that will block snow that melts later from draining properly. If not dealt with quickly an ice dam can cause damage to roof shingles, ceilings and personal belongings in your home where the draining water lands.

Heavy Snow

On occasion Connecticut will experience sudden and strong Nor'easters that can dump a lot of heavy wet snow in a hurry. If you don't clear this snow quickly it will accumulate and then harden when cold air follows. This can put excessive weight on your roof and gutters and in some extreme cases cause sections to cave in and collapse. Also, heavy snow left on sidewalks and driveways can make you liable as the property owner for slips, falls and accidents. Removing heavy snow can be a difficult task so contact Peerless Contracting to save time and energy.

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