Signs Your Roof Needs Replacing

Your roof protects your family from rain, snow, heat, and cold, but many people don't think about their roofs much until there is a serious problem. It is important to check your roof regularly for signs of damage so that problems can be fixed before they get worse and the whole roof needs to be replaced.

You should check your roof for signs of damage and wear every spring and fall. You can start in the attic by looking for places where the roof deck is sagging, light shows through the roof, or there are any signs of leaking, water damage, dark spots, or water trails.

Next, you should inspect the exterior of your roof. You want to look for damaged flashing; shingles that are missing, cracked, torn, or bald; curling; blistering; buckling; or rotting. If you see a lot of shingle granules that could be a sign of excessive wear. Look for signs of wear or loose materials around the chimney, vents, or pipes. Check for evidence of moisture, rot, mold, or algae. Be sure that gutters and downspouts are securely attached and clear of debris. Make sure that all bathroom, kitchen, and dryer vents go completely outside your house, and not just into the attic.

Roofs last for different amounts of time depending on their materials. Cedar roofs generally last about 20 years. Tile can last up to 100 years, but individual tiles can break and will need to be replaced by a professional. A concrete roof should never need to be replaced. If your roof was installed properly and is less than 15 to 20 years old, you can probably repair damage, rather than have to replace the entire roof.

If you decide to replace your roof, the type of material you choose will depend largely on your climate. If you live in a hot, dry region and are surrounded by lots of trees, you will want a fire-retardant roofing material. If you live in a region that gets heavy snowfall, you will want a durable, lightweight roof. Consider the weights of various materials and the strength of your house's frame when making your choice.

Inspecting your roof periodically can help you spot problems early so that they can be fixed before they become serious. If you think you might need to replace your roof, seek the guidance and services of an experienced and qualified professional.

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