Doing a Home Roof Inspection

As with gutter cleaning, it is recommended that you do an inspection of your roof in the fall and spring. Many homeowners will decide to do the inspection on their own and then hire a contractor if it is determined that repairs or replacements need to be done.

At Peerless Contracting we want everyone to be safe and to know what to look for when doing a home roof inspection in Connecticut so we offer a few tips to help you get started. Pick the Right Day: Before you attempt to climb a ladder and inspect the roof, be sure the weather is fair. Walking on a slippery roof in heavy wind and rain is extremely dangerous and could lead to a nasty fall. You also should wait for a sunny day so you plenty of natural light to look closely at the condition of the roof.

Be Safe with the Ladder: Always place a ladder on solid, level ground and inspect the rungs and rails before you climb it. If possible, have a friend assist you and hold the ladder at the base when you are climbing to the top.

What to Look for: Once you have climbed the ladder, start looking for signs of wear and deterioration. Keep an eye out for shingles that are buckling, curling or tearing. Also look for loose material around chimney and pipes. Take a peak in the gutter and see if it contains excessive amounts of shingle granules.

Check from the Inside: While it is important to inspect a roof form the outside, you will also need to look at the inside of your attic to see if there are any leaks, water patches or cracks.

After you have completed your roof inspection, contact a roofing contractor who can come and provide the repairs you need to ensure your roof is safe. In some cases you may just need a few shingles replaced, but in other scenarios you may need the entire roof replaced to keep your home safe.

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