Benefits of Cedar Roofing

When clients come to us looking for the best looking roof shingle around the choice is obvious: cedar. Nothing else on the market matches the beautiful look and style of high quality cedar shakes and shingles. Not only is cedar a great looking roofing material, it is also one of the best for protecting your home. At Peerless Contracting with have years of experience working with cedar roofs and have installed this type of material on many homes throughout Connecticut.

Here are a few of the benefits you can enjoy when choosing cedar for your home roof:

Structural Strength: Cedar is the clear leader when it comes to structural strength. Weighing up to 75% less than its competitors, cedar actually adds to the structural strength of your roof rather than just adding weight. The natural resiliency of wood fibers allow them to provide superior hail and hurricane resistance and eliminate the freeze-thaw shock which can damage imitation products.

Environmentally Friendly: Cedar roofing is produced from a renewable source, wood. Unlike other roofing materials that are mined or pumped from the earth which increases greenhouse gas emissions, cedar comes from wood that regenerates naturally.

Installation & Look: Cedar roof shingles are easy to install and when compared to other roofing materials have a look that cannot be matched. When treated properly, a well-installed cedar roof can last between 50 and 60 years. The shape, size and color variety of cedar is extensive and can satisfy even the most demanding homeowners.

To learn more about cedar roof installation, call: (203) 878-2411

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